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Hello, I am Hari Kiran

A food, interior and portrait photographer based in Delhi.

Electrical Engineer by chance and a Photographer by choice, Hari is the second generation photographer in his family and his immense passion lies in this because, he grew up seeing his father and his passion for Photography.The craft of taking and developing photos occupied a better part of growing up. To his taste he developed a particular fondness for Black and White photography. 

Though the passion for photography lay deep, the focus of mainstream studies was a must. Having, worked as an electrical engineer for sometime before getting aware of the fact that scripted and repetitive life of a job wasn't his cup of tea. So, rekindling his old passion Hari decided to pursue Photography from nonetheless Udaan School of Photography in Mumbai and graduated from there specialising in food, portrait & Interior photography. 

Choosing New Delhi as his work ground he assisted a renowned commercial photographer for three years. Today Hari has an impressive portfolio and his work has been featured in magazines both online and print.